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a work designed for a specific space or location that seldom works the same way in any other context without significant alterations or adjustments

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    SOUND: Exhibition Catalog

    In celebration of the 11th anniversary of the exhibition SOUND curated by Gustavo Matamoros, Subtropics Editions is now offering a gorgeous 42-page catalog of the exhibition, designed by Arianographix and featuring stellar photography by the late Luis Olazabal. The catalog includes descriptions of the works, a thoughtful essay by David Dunn, and is currently available in PDF digital format.

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    (~) Tilde (´) Tilde

    Learn about the pieces I created during my 10-month-long residency at the Koubek Center in Little Havana as part of En Residencia under the title, (~) Tilde ( ‘ ) Tilde

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    Youtube Variations

    The content for this sound installation project exhibited under the title, Untitled: Social Commentary, came from contrasting performances of three works that I nicknamed YouTube Variations

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    Small Sounds Series

    Small Sounds are the result of various sounding strategies applied to objects or captured from sources the natural sound of which isn’t readily perceivable by the naked ear. a feature of these pieces is the impression of sound being heard from the perspective of the probed sound source. to hear these sounds transducers of different kinds are used the same way a microscope is used to discover fascinating features of the real world too small for us to see without it

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    Everglades: Applied Universal Force

    part two of Four Audible Experiences of Movement of Sound in Space
    this is a 5:37 excerpt of the binaural documentation of this orchestration for 30-channels created as one of four short installations in the Audiotheque 2.0 opening sound art exhibition project on display from September 13-December 15, 2018 at Audiotheque

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    Audiotheque ( 1.0 and 2.0 ) was housed inside my resident artist studio at ArtCenter South Florida ( now Oolite Arts ). Since 2012 and through 2018, it provided audiences of up to 50 people with intimate access to some of the most adventurous, unfiltered, high quality experiences of sound-based art and performance available anywhere

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    Memory Study
    for Surrounded Space

    A 15-point source sound installation created for the Memory Lab exhibition at HistoryMiami

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    Hextet for Stan Brakhage

    An acousmatic performance commissioned by OMM for the event The Films of Stan Brakhage premiered in the auditorium at PAMM, May 5, 2016

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    Sounding Through Empty Words IV
    Cage Centennial

    This installation was composed by invitation of The John Cage Trust and was included in the Centennial Celebrations of the birth of John Cage

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    Listening Gallery

    Listening Gallery was a Knight Arts Challenge project that exposed millions of Miami Beach visitors to the experience of sound art in a public art context. It operated 24/7 beginning November 2011 and through May 2015 from the facade at 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach and was complemented by a video installation piece called Face2Face in collaboration with Charles Recher