(~) Tilde (´) Tilde

Little Havan: A Portrait from (~) Tilde (´) Tilde (2019) [ 27:46 ]
a portrait ( without the soundscape ) of some of the friendly voices of Little Havana
© 2019, Gustavo Matamoros. Subtropics Editions. All rights reserved at info@subtropics.org

About The Work

This was a composition and sound art project with two components: a soundscape created from the urban sounds I recorded within its limits, and a portrait of the recorded voices of Little Havana collected during a 10 month period of community interactions in the context of En Residencia 2019. The piece was presented as two related yet separate elements:

Little Havana: A Portrait , a 4-point source outdoor sound performance set up in the Koubek Center’s courtyard; and

Little Havana: A Soundscape , an indoor mixed media installation, consisting of two distinct layers of audio ( 3 channels of voices surrounded by a 5-channel soundscape ) all inside the darkened ArtSpace at Koubek Center.

Visual and media artist Freddy Jouwayed completed the installation with moving images, video and other visual elements projected over a customized architectural structure

(~) Tilde (´) Tilde was commissioned by Miami-Dade College’s Live Arts for the Koubek Center‘s En Residencia residency project.


2019.10.26-27 | world premiere

En Residencia: Little Havana Unmasked
(~) Tilde (´) Tilde: A Portrait and A Soundscape of Little Havana
by Gustavo Matamoros
with architectural projections by Freddy Jouwayed
Koubek Center, Little Havana (Miami)