• An Artist Statement

    In simple terms, sound is a phenomenon. It is audible manifestation of life. Every noise we hear is the expression of a natural occurrence, itself a factual and reliable description…

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    Articles, Interviews, Reviews

    Documentation of activities published by media outlets with currently active online links as well as PDF archival clippings uploaded here for reference purposes

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    Brief Bio

    Gustavo Matamoros is an American composer born in Venezuela who creates experimental music and sound art. He is also the founder of the Subtropics Festival in Miami and a core member of Frozen Music, an artist collective which includes David Dunn, Rene Barge, Russell Frehling and David Behrman.

  • List of Works + Projects

    FIXED AND OPEN SCORES 2021 Eighty-Five Audible Moments, electroacoustic version for piano and tape 2021 Seagull’s Tango, version for piano and stereo fixed media 2019 Antiphonal, for an unspecified number…