Audiotheque (1.0) was a sound art project I invented which was managed by the SUBTROPICS organization. Since 2012, it was housed in my artist studio (201) at ArtCenter/South Florida, now known as Oolite Arts. The project was initially created to provide opportunities and a platform for collaboration with guest artists during residencies to develop new work, including pieces for the public art Listening Gallery Knight Arts Challenge funded project. Its purpose was to introduce audiences to exceptional listening experiences through concerts, listening events, and other public programs, all with a focus on high-quality sound.

In 2017, I received a second Knight Arts Challenge grant, which allowed me to reimagine and redesign Audiotheque. Collaborating with visual artist and exhibition designer Freddy Jouwayed, we transformed it into a custom laboratory for immersive sound experiences. The centerpiece of my proposal was a state-of-the-art 30-channel sound system of my own design, accompanied by theater lighting and video projectors, offering audiences unparalleled access to immersive sound art encounters.

Audiotheque 2.0 opened its doors to the public on September 13, 2018, and remained open until December 15th of that year. All the works presented within the context of Audiotheque 2.0 were created collaboratively by resident artists in my studio or tailored to the unique capabilities of the sound system. The process involved a strategic approach focused on three key elements: The Content (the sounds heard), The Timbre (the character of each speaker), and The Space (the acoustics within Audiotheque). Thanks to the Knight Arts Challenge Award from the Knight Foundation, the entire implementation of Audiotheque 2.0 took place throughout the first half of 2018. It involved designing and preparing the space, as well as organizing summer programs. Following this, the 30-channel sound system was installed. The remainder of the summer was dedicated to creating content that could effectively showcase the capabilities of the system.

Once Audiotheque 2.0 officially opened on September 13, 2018, I had the opportunity to curate a series of sound installations and performances. These events were a result of collaborations with a group of sound art resident artists, as well as experimental adaptations of my own works and pieces from the Subtropics Archive of Sound Art. Each week, a new work was presented, engaging audiences throughout the weekends until December 15th. The showcased works were presented in various configurations, ranging from Four-point source Pyramid setups to the full 30-channel audio orchestration. For a comprehensive overview of this project, including detailed reports on attendance, audience surveys, and reviews, please refer to: SUBTROPICS-AUDIOTHEQUE_2.0

Audiotheque 2.0 Schedule

09/13/18 AT2:E01 | World Premiere Opening: Four Audible Experiences of Movement of Sound in Space
Gustavo Matamoros
09/15/18 AT2:E02 | Chris Mann: The Use
Chris Mann/Gustavo Matamoros
09/22/18 AT2:E03 | String Solo: Extended Version
Gustavo Matamoros
09/29/18 AT2:E02 | FroZEN mUSic: Adaptation
Frozen Music/Gustavo Matamoros/resident artist Wolffgang Gil
10/06/18 AT2:E03 | Everglades: Applied Universal Force (AUF): Extended Version
Gustavo Matamoros
10/07/18 AT2:E03 | Everglades: Applied Universal Force (AUF): Extended Version
Gustavo Matamoros
10/13/18 AT2:E04 | Speaking In Tongues — a sound puppetry passion play
resident artist John Driscoll
10/14/18 AT2:E04 | Speaking In Tongues — a sound puppetry passion play
resident artist John Driscoll
10/20/18 AT2:E05 | Wooden
resident artist Julio Roloff
10/21/18 AT2:E05 | Wooden
resident artist Julio Roloff
10/27/18 AT2:E06 | Aural Fields 0
resident artist Wolfgang Gil
10/28/18 AT2:E06 | Aural Fields 0
resident artist Wolfgang Gil
11/03/18 AT2:E07 | Listening Club Installations
adaptations of works by 8 artists from the Subtropics Sound Art Collection
11/04/18 AT2:E07| Listening Club Installations
adaptations of works by 8 artists from the Subtropics Sound Art Collection
11/10/18 AT2:E08 | Searching for Sony Mao
resident artist Edward Bobb
11/11/18 AT2:E08| Searching for Sony Mao
resident artist Edward Bobb
11/17/18 AT2:E09 | Pyramid – Experiment One
Gustavo Matamoros
11/18/18 AT2:E09| Pyramid – Experiment One
Gustavo Matamoros
11/24/18 AT2:E10 | Untitled 20181119
resident artist Rene Barge
12/01/18 AT2:E11 | Corss-Dimensioanal Noise Live
resident artist Rat Bastard + 4
12/05/18 AT2:E12 | Art Week event
12 artists
12/06/18 AT2:E12| Art Week event
12 artists
12/07/18 AT2:E12| Art Week event
12 artists
12/08/18 AT2:E12| Art Week event
12 artists
12/09/18 AT2:E12| Art Week event
12 artists
12/14/18 AT2:E13 | Bloodmobile
resident artist Rob Constable
12/15/18 AT2:E13| Bloodmobile
resident artist Rob Constable
12/16/18 AT2:E14 | Closing Event
13 artists

Audiotheque 1.0 [ season 6 — 2017-18 ]

ultrasonic puppet by artist-in-residence John Driscoll

11/17/17 S6:E01 | In Plain English
Jose Hernandez Sanchez
11/19/17 S6:E02 | Nakatani-Brieske-Mofsky Trio
Tatsuya Nakatani, Russell Mofsky, David Brieske
12/07/17 S6:E03 | The Creative Destruction
Tim Archambault, Raven Chacón
02/02/18 S6:E04 | All The Reality That Is
Manfred Werder
02/19/18 S6:E05 | Various Forms of Reality
Jon Paden
06/09/18 S6:E06 | Sound Art/South Beach Symposium
Russell Frehling, Gustavo Matamoros, Alba Triana, Rene Barge & Edward Bobb
06/06/18 S6:E07 | Workshop: Gino Robair
Gino Robair
06/16/18 S6:E08 | Subtropics 2018 Marathon
Various Artists, special guest artist, Gino Robair
07/21/18 S6:E09 | Workshop: Sonic Puppetry
John Driscoll plus 8 participants
07/22/18 S6:E10 | Performance: Sonic Puppetry
John Driscoll plus 8 participants

Audiotheque 1.0 [ season 5 — 2016-17 ]

Paper Weather performed Alison Knowles and Jessica Higgins

11/01/16 S5:E01 | Cosmic Sound Sculptures I
Richard Brookens, Tom Lippincott & Jeff Abbott
11/22/16 S5:E02 | Memory Studies
Maya Verlaak & Inlets Ensemble
11/29/16 S5:E03 | Slushpump Sounds
Steve Parker & Friends
12/15/16 S5:E04 | Modern Masters
Jason Calloway, Cello
01/24/17 S5:E05 | Cosmic Sound Sculptures II
Richard Brookens, Tom Lippincott & Jeff Abbott
01/31/17 S5:E06 | BaKaRuNa: Anna Mikhailova Quartet
Anna Mikhailova, Matthew Taylor, Dan Dickinson & Arturo Garcia
02/17/17 S5:E07 | Nordic Sounds
Jason Calloway, Cello
03/01/17 S5:E08 | Music by Women Composers
Kyle Motl, Double Bass
03/02/17 S5:E09 | Reunion: Abbey Rader Quartet
Abbey Rader, Kidd Jordan, John McMinn, Kyle Motl
04/05/17 S5:E10 | Nylon & Copper
Federico Bonacossa & Jacob Sudol
04/26/17 S5:E11 | Asian Currents
Jason Calloway, Cello
05/22/17 S5:E12 | Compositional Choreography through Yoga
Myriam Gourfink
05/24/17 S5:E13 | AMAS
resident artist Kasper Toeplitz
05/21/17 S5:E14 | Electronic Music and Dance Residency
Myriam Gourfink and Kasper Toeplitz
06/09/17 S5:E15 | Paper Weather Performance
resident artist Alison Knowles & Jessica Higgins
08/03/17 S5:E16 | Sound Art Residency
resident artists David Dunn and Russell Frehling
08/05/17 S5:E17 | Sound Art Audio Recording Workshop
resident artists David Dunn and Russell Frehling

Audiotheque 1.0 [ season 4 — 2015-16 ]

Artist-in-residence, Fred Lonberg-Holm

09/26/16 S4:E01 | Miami Music Club: Elka Bonk
Al Margolis, Walter Wright
10/08/15 S4:E02 | Signature Classics of the Avant-Garde
Jason Calloway, Cello
12/09/15 S4:E03 | The Inertials Multimedia
Edward Bobb
12/10/15 S4:E04 | Improvisations
Tatsuya Nakatani
12/23/15 S4:E05 | Chris Corsano
Chris Corsano
02/03/16 S4:E06 | The Extended Cello
resident artist Fred Lonberg-Holm
02/05/16 S4:E07 | LightBox Orchestra
resident artist Fred Lonberg-Holm
02/17/16 S4:E08 | The Middle Way Quartet: East-West
Abbey Rader, John McMinn, Noah Brandemark, Joe Zeytoonian
03/05/16 S4:E09 | Subtropics Marathon
30 Miami Artists
03/17/16 S4:E10 | Guitarist Nadav Remez: Trio
Nadav Remez, David Leon, Ryan Hecker
04/06/16 S4:E11 | 50 Years of Recording
resident artist Russell Frehling
06/02/16 S4:E12 | Smith-Williams: Instant Composition
resident artists LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams
06/05/16 S4:E13 | Instant Composing Orchestra
resident artists LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams
06/04/16 S4:E14 | Smith-Williams-Melford: Solo, Duo, Trio
LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Myra Melford
08/10/16 S4:E15 | Harry: The Dog That Bite You
resident artist Sam Ashley/G. Matamoros
08/21/16 S4:E16 | Mysticism Workshop
resident artist Sam Ashley

Audiotheque 1.0 [ season 3 — 2014-15 ]

card for the Rock, Paper, Scissors triptych performed by Inlets Ensemble

11/13/14 S3:E01 | Stuart King: Sing Our Song
Stuart King + Saulo Ferreira
11/20/14 S3:E02 | Needle: The Inertials
Edward Bobb
12/06/14 S3:E03 | An Evening with Tatsuya Nakatani
Tatsuya Nakatani, Matthew Taylor Ensemble
01/21/15 S3:E04 | Conceptual Music
Inlets Ensemble
04/08/15 S3:E05 | Acoustical Bicycle Tour Event
resident artist Taylor Bynum + Gustavo Matamoros
04/23/15 S3:E06 | Guitars and Voices
Inlets Ensemble
06/24/15 S3:E07 | Workshop: Building 99-cent Musical Instruments
resident artist Leonardo Fuks
07/01/15 S3:E08 | Guitar Solo
Shane Parish
08/19/15 S3:E09 | Improvisations
Abbey Rader, Taylor Banum + Gustavo Matamoros
09/12/15 S3:E10 | ROCK
resident artist Inlets Ensemble
09/18/15 S3:E11 | PAPER
resident artist Inlets Ensemble
09/26/15 S3:E12 | SCISSORS
resident artist Inlets Ensemble

Audiotheque 1.0 [ season 2 — 2013-14 ]

Audiotheque: Armando Rodriguez (left) and Julio Roloff (right) performing as PUNTO

10/04/13 S2:E01 |¿OISTE?
resident artist Jaap Blonk/Gustavo Matamoros
10/30/13 S2:E02 | Reach For The Skies
Abbey Rader Quartet
11/01/13 S2:E03 | Explorations for Solo Bass
Kyle Motl
12/04/13 S2:E04 | Digital Improvisations
resident artist Wade Matthews
12/26/13 S2:E05 | YearEnd Fest
Dominguez, Roloff, Ware + Font
12/27/13 S2:E06 | YearEnd Fest
Hernandez, Rodriguez, Gill + Arno
01/24/14 S2:E07 | Music is Worthless In The Garden of Money
Steve Malagodi
02/14/14 S2:E08 | Point of Sure Return
resident artist PUNTO ensemble
04/23/14 S2:E09 | Luck
resident artist Sam Ashley
08/14/14 S2:E10 | Rader-McMinn-Brandmark Trio
Abbey Rader, John McMinn, Noah Brandmark
09/25/14 S2:E11 | Music for Cello and Electronics
Calloway-Sudol Duo with guest Chen-Hui Jen
04/02/14 S2:E12 | Culture Click: Plage de Miami
Gustavo Matamoros

Audiotheque 1.0 [ season 1 — 2012-13 ]

Vicent Barras, Jacques Demiere, Chris Mann performing Foreign Bodies during the inaugural concert of Audiotheque

11/12/12 S1:E01 | FOREIGN BODIES
Vicent Barras, Jacques Demiere, Chris Mann + Thierry Simonot
12/05/12 S1:E02 | OCCUPIED SPACES
resident artist Armando Rodriguez
12/14/12 S1:E03 | MOTL, DOMINGUEZ + DEL TORO
Kyle Motl, Carlos Dominguez, Brian Del Toro — electronics
Bill Orcutt, guitar
Kenny Millions, saxophone
05/02/13 S1:E06 | KYLE MOTL: (UN)PLUGGED
Kyle Motl, double bass + Brian del Toro, guitar
Abbey Rader, John McMinn, Noah Brandmark, Kyle Motl
On Structure Duo
06/15/13 S1:E09 | DAVID FONT + OMAR ANGULO
David Font + Omar Angulo
Abbey Rader, John McMinn, Noah Brandmark, Kyle Motl


Audiotheque 1.0 and 2.0 was created, designed and curated by Gustavo Matamoros with architectural design and installation by Freddy Jouwayed, engineering design and installation by Claudio Rodriguez, graphic design by Claudia Ariano of Arianographix, and webcasting by Stephen Malagodi of Spectacular Media. The project was managed by Subtropics Organization (a.k.a. South Florida Composers Alliance)

It was made possible with funding from a 2017 Knight Arts Challenge grant from Knight Foundation, as well as with support from Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, and the City of Miami Beach. Additional collaborative support was provided by ArtCenter South Florida (a.k.a. Oolite Arts), and Books and Books

Special thanks to Jeremy Chestler, Maria Del Valle, Freddy Jouwayed, Stephen Malagodi, Rodrigo Arcaya, Hernan Woodgate, O’Neal Bardin III, Joseph Celli, Mitch Kaplan, Luis Olazabal, Charles Recher, Jim Peele, Alba Triana, Jose Ignacio Hernandez Sanchez, Rene Barge, David Dunn, Abbey Rader, Kyle Motl, Luis Colina, Mary Luft, John Kremel, Barron Sherer, Bruce Posner, Bill Orcutt, Kenny Millions, Edward Bobb, Rat Bastard, Dennis Scholl, Kristen Thiele, Merle Weiss, Carol Damian, Lilia García, Susan Caraballo, Natalia, Jennie Wong, Leila Leider Kremer, Cherese Crockett, Tammy Kay, Melissa Gabriel, and Anais Alvarez