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Mapping is a term i learned from my mentor Russell Frehling who composed a piece with that very title. the idea resonates with that of a Trancing in that it involves the scanning of an architectural space by means of controlled feedback performed with a moving microphone in order to identify, not frequency bands, but specific tones that define the acoustical signature of that space. Russell’s whole philosophy of sound installation design is entirely based on that

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    SOUND: Exhibition Catalog

    In celebration of the 11th anniversary of the exhibition SOUND curated by Gustavo Matamoros, Subtropics Editions is now offering a gorgeous 42-page catalog of the exhibition, designed by Arianographix and featuring stellar photography by the late Luis Olazabal. The catalog includes descriptions of the works, a thoughtful essay by David Dunn, and is currently available in PDF digital format.

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    Red Bridge Studios
    Residency Project ( 2012 )

    Red Bridge Book—a mixed media publishing project combining photographs by Luis Olazabal in the Subtropics Archives of the concrete sculptures of Robert Thiele, and the sounds of Gustavo Matamoros and Rene Barge. In-Progress…

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    Sounding Through Empty Words IV
    Cage Centennial

    This installation was composed by invitation of The John Cage Trust and was included in the Centennial Celebrations of the birth of John Cage

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    Listening Gallery

    Listening Gallery was a Knight Arts Challenge project that exposed millions of Miami Beach visitors to the experience of sound art in a public art context. It operated 24/7 beginning November 2011 and through May 2015 from the facade at 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach and was complemented by a video installation piece called Face2Face in collaboration with Charles Recher

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    A six-point source site-specific sound installation exhibited at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale

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    A Coincidence is the similarities in the sound shrimp make underwater as they hunt for food, and the sound they make while frying in the pan. This site-specific installation also involves a set of natural frequencies belonging to the elevator bay in which the shrimp can be heard hypersonically

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    A Sound Art Exhibition

    SOUND was primarily conceived, following a compositional approach, as an alternative solution to the effective presentation of Sound Art in a museum setting within the context of a group exhibition where the works presented occupy a shared space. — Gustavo Matamoros, artist-curator

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    Architecture is Frozen Music

    Watch a video that documents a version of Fishing For Resonance (2009) based on a technique i learned from my mentor, Russell Frehling. I use this process to find exact frequencies for my installations. I also use it as in this case, to collect acoustical information for the design of exhibitions such as, SOUND. This video is of the main second floor gallery at The Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach

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    Two Chambers Divided By An Opening

    On the notion that sounds have a tendency to get along, Rene Barge and Gustavo Matamoros individually explore the inherent acoustical characteristics of two specific physical locations from within the totality of the Dorsch Gallery space, creating a complex sound environment that at times is seemingly tangent, at others overlapping, and at others compound

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    Contemporary Art Project

    In 2005 I was selected as the first artist-in-residence of the Contemporary Art Project at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami. This post recounts the process and results of the nine-month-long residency