A Sound Art Exhibition

SOUND is a sound art group exhibition designed and curated by sound artist Gustavo Matamoros
with assistance from David Dunn. It was exhibited at the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, in
celebration of Subtropics 20 (2009)

The show was primarily conceived, following a compositional approach, as an alternative solution
to the effective presentation of Sound Art in a museum setting within the context of a group exhibition
where the works presented occupy a shared space.

It was sponsored by Sennheiser USA, the Blank Family Foundation, the City of Miami Beach, and
Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.

Gustavo Matamoros

The following are images by Luis Olazabal:

SOUND | gustavo matamoros: small sounds on a table top

SOUND | main room with works by david dunn + alvin lucier

SOUND | works by alison knowles

SOUND | brenda hutchinson: giant music box

SOUND | chamber room

SOUND | duane brant: sew organ

Subtropics 20
A Festival and SOUND Exhibition Review
by Jennie Gottschalk
Signal-To-Noise Magazine
Summer 2009, issue #54