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I have been working with sound for over 30 years. What I've done has emerged from experimentation, collaboration, community engagement and from a desire to connect more intimately with the world through sound. Very little of the outcome of such experimentation is accessible, and some of what is, needs tweaking so it makes better sense. I thought I take this opportunity then to make that exploration more translucent, more public. Thanks in advance for your interest and I hope you find this information useful. Note I will be posting information in no particular order as I find and gather support materials for each piece.
  • An Artist Statement

    I think of sound as a phenomenon, as audible manifestation of life. Every sound we hear is the expression of a natural event, itself a description of what happened. Aside…

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    Lecture: On Sound Art and Subtropics

    An online presentation by Gustavo Matamoros and conversation with Jade Dellinger, Director of the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, moderated by Cesar Conejo and hosted by the Center for Audio Visual Experimentation at the University of Leeds, England.

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    Soundscape with Grasshoppers

    Typical of my work are sound installations such as this one, which seek to make audible aspects of the particular acoustic personality of a given space. These acoustical features can…

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    And Sometimes The Space is Full of a Previous Space

    A series of four events at the Deering Estate Theater featuring collaborative projects in connection with Gustavo’s 2022 year long residency at Deering Estate. The events included: Indivisibles An evening…

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    Gustavo Matamoros and David Dunn, two renowned experimental music and sound art artists, have come together to create Indivisibles, an anthology of works spanning four decades, accompanied by drawings from…

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    Articles, Interviews, Reviews

    Documentation of activities published by media outlets with currently active online links as well as PDF archival clippings uploaded here for reference purposes

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    Sound as Medium – Flash Art

    A profile article by Barbara London, former curator of media arts at MoMA, publish in the February 2022 “Listening In” column of Flash Art International.

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    i360 XR Theater

    FIU’s Igloo system is a notable one – it’s the first to be equipped with a state-of-the-art, ground-shaking Sennheiser AMBEO sound system. A nine-speaker setup hidden behind an acoustically-transparent screen…

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    Brief Bio

    Gustavo Matamoros is an American composer born in Venezuela who creates experimental music and sound art. He is also the founder of the Subtropics Festival in Miami and a core member of Frozen Music, an artist collective which includes David Dunn, Rene Barge, Russell Frehling and David Behrman.