Gustavo Matamoros: Glasshouse Yerevan | short video

Above: Aliq Media article by Artur Samoylov covering Cyfest 15’s event at Yerevan Botanical Garden
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Glasshouse is a sound installation created for the large glass atrium at the Botanical Garden in Yerevan. This kind of sound installation seeks to make audible aspects of the particular acoustic personality of the given space. These acoustical features can be incredibly evocative when experienced as sustained tones. As they stimulate the architecture, these tones help transport the listener to a different realm of awareness and to experience a deeper connection with the invisible nature of space. As a point of contrast, I usually like to bring in an additional, more familiar sound that is foreign to the site to provide a contrasting point of reference

Curated by Anna Frants, Liddia Griaznova and Sergei Komarov, the installation was presented by Cyland Foundation in September 2023 during Cyfest-15: Vulnerability art festival in Yerevan, Armenia. The article above also speaks about the performance of the same name which took place in the installation site the evening of the opening of the Botanical Garden exhibition 9/6/2023

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