An Artist Statement

In simple terms, sound is a phenomenon. It is audible manifestation of life. Every noise we hear is the expression of a natural occurrence, itself a factual and reliable description of reality.

Sounds contain and deliver information that reveals the uniqueness of each sound source, helping us discern its uniqueness and distinguish it from any other.

As raw material sound functions as a stimulus. Russell Frehling describes sound as “a massless object with the ability to occupy and define space, and function in three dimensions.”

In short, nature — everything that surrounds us — speaks to us through sound, and the experience of sound makes clearer aspects of how the environment works that would otherwise remain hidden.

My work with sound derives from experimentation guided by these notions of what it is and the role it plays in the establishment of awareness and understanding of what exists outside of us. Sound is a perfect tool for learning to negotiate a fuller, ever more functional relationship with our surroundings.