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in Music, a melody is typically a succession of single pitches of equal or varying durations. a Noise Melody is a fragmented audible stream that can contain musical tones, but it is better defined as a succession of Audible Moments of all kinds, one after another after another. In a Noise Melody my preference is to string together Audibles of mild to extreme contrast in order to excite the mind to use memory as a tool for understanding and discerning the differences between them. media artist Barron Sherer applies this technique effectively to a sequence of photographic stills collected from diverse archival sources and displays them one, two, three frames in duration at the time. in sound i find that the duration of each Audible is established by the Audible itself, which is arrived at essentially by ear. although it sounds like a departure from music, i still deem this process a typical compositional activity

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    (~) Tilde (´) Tilde

    Learn about the pieces I created during my 10-month-long residency at the Koubek Center in Little Havana as part of En Residencia under the title, (~) Tilde ( ‘ ) Tilde

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    Eighty Five Audible Moments for Pauline Oliveros

    Consisting of Eighty Five audibles presented in the span of 85 seconds, this piece was created for inclusion in a surprise event celebrating Pauline Oliveros’ 85th birthday

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    Memory Study
    for Surrounded Space

    A 15-point source sound installation created for the Memory Lab exhibition at HistoryMiami

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    A large-scale site-specific public art sound installation in collaboration with Shahreyar Ataie, commissioned by Art-In-State-Buildings for the Paul Cejas School of Architecture building at Florida International University, designed by architect Bernard Tschumi