Eighty Five Audible Moments for Pauline Oliveros

This piece consists of 85 audibles recorded in digital form and presented as a sound melody that is exactly 85 seconds long. It was commissioned by Ione and is dedicated to her wife, Pauline Oliveros. It was intended to be one composition among 84 others to be presented during a surprise event in celebration of Pauline’s 85th birthday. Unfortunately, she surprised us all by leaving us unexpectedly and too soon instead.  RIP! Pauline

Eighty Five Audible Moments (2016)
This is the original stereo acousmatic version of this piece which received its world premiere June 1, 2017, as part of Still Listening, a three-day Pauline Oliveros tribute event hosted by McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. © 2016, Gustavo Matamoros. Subtropics Editions. All rights reserved.

Eighty Five Audible Moments | audiotheque 2.0 version (2018)
This is a binaural recording of the installation version of the piece orchestrated for 30-channels. it reveals how i was able to organize each audible moment into its own stationary auditory space and to move it around within the sound system while preserving the integrity of the original composition. © 2018, Gustavo Matamoros. Subtropics Editions. All rights reserved.


Exhibition and Performance History


85 Audible Moments (2016)
4-point source sound performance version by Gustavo Matamoros
Bob Rauschenberg Gallery: ArtSpeak@FSW
Florida Southwestern State College, Fort Myers, Florida


85 Audible Moments (2016)
32-point source sound installation orchestration by Gustavo Matamoros
Audiotheque 2.0
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


85 Audible Moments (2016) | World Premiere
Acousmatic stereo version by Gustavo Matamoros
Still Listening: A Tribute to Pauline Oliveros
85 composers and compositions [ event’s website ]
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Eighty four other composers were invited to participate and created pieces for this project, among them, Alvin Curran, Anne Lockwood, Andrea Goodman, Brenda Hutchinson, Carman Moore, Christian Wolff, Dana Reason, Ellen Fullman, Gayle Young, Gordon Mumma, Ione, John D.S. Adams, John Bischoff, Malcolm Goldstein, Mark Dresser, Maya Masaoka, Pamela Z, Philip Gelb, Roscoe Mitchell, Suzanne Thorpe, Stuart Dempster, and Terry Riley