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this category refers to sculptural objects or mechanical contraptions designed to produce or respond to acoustical sound. some are computer controlled mechanisms that play instruments like in the case of the Nickelodeon-like pieces by Trimpin. others are objects that move, change or display transformations governed by the physical presence of sound; as in the case of Alvin Lucier’s Music for Bass Drums, Pure Waves and Acoustic Pendulums, and our own Alba Triana’s string pieces. a third category involves contraptions that call for interactive audience participation or performance, like in the case of Brenda Hutchinson’s Giant Music Box, Alison Knowles’ Paper Weather Instruments and our own Duane Brant’s Sew Organ

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    SOUND: Exhibition Catalog

    In celebration of the 11th anniversary of the exhibition SOUND curated by Gustavo Matamoros, Subtropics Editions is now offering a gorgeous 42-page catalog of the exhibition, designed by Arianographix and featuring stellar photography by the late Luis Olazabal. The catalog includes descriptions of the works, a thoughtful essay by David Dunn, and is currently available in PDF digital format.

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    A Sound Art Exhibition

    SOUND was primarily conceived, following a compositional approach, as an alternative solution to the effective presentation of Sound Art in a museum setting within the context of a group exhibition where the works presented occupy a shared space. — Gustavo Matamoros, artist-curator

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    Contemporary Art Project

    In 2005 I was selected as the first artist-in-residence of the Contemporary Art Project at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami. This post recounts the process and results of the nine-month-long residency