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hyper-sound is a technology that projects a narrow beam of sound the way a video projector outputs a beam of light the content of which is indiscernible to the eye until the light hits a flat surface. hyper-sound produces a rarefied psycho-acoustical experience characterized by a narrow frequency response

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    SOUND: Exhibition Catalog

    In celebration of the 11th anniversary of the exhibition SOUND curated by Gustavo Matamoros, Subtropics Editions is now offering a gorgeous 42-page catalog of the exhibition, designed by Arianographix and featuring stellar photography by the late Luis Olazabal. The catalog includes descriptions of the works, a thoughtful essay by David Dunn, and is currently available in PDF digital format.

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    A Coincidence is the similarities in the sound shrimp make underwater as they hunt for food, and the sound they make while frying in the pan. This site-specific installation also involves a set of natural frequencies belonging to the elevator bay in which the shrimp can be heard hypersonically

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    Small Sounds
    On a Table Top

    A piece that uses hypersonic technology to create the auditory illusion of small invisible objects making sound as they move about atop a naked table top

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    A Sound Art Exhibition

    SOUND was primarily conceived, following a compositional approach, as an alternative solution to the effective presentation of Sound Art in a museum setting within the context of a group exhibition where the works presented occupy a shared space. — Gustavo Matamoros, artist-curator