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experimental projects in the area of cultural urbanism that include sound exhibitions and public art research experiments such as Listening Gallery

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    SOUND: Exhibition Catalog

    In celebration of the 11th anniversary of the exhibition SOUND curated by Gustavo Matamoros, Subtropics Editions is now offering a gorgeous 42-page catalog of the exhibition, designed by Arianographix and featuring stellar photography by the late Luis Olazabal. The catalog includes descriptions of the works, a thoughtful essay by David Dunn, and is currently available in PDF digital format.

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    Listening Club

    I started the listening club as a series of monthly curate sessions open to all. It exposed general audiences to listening experiences that fostered a deeper understanding and enjoyment of sound. It sought to promote auditory literacy and an expansion of the listening pallet, not in an academic setting, but in a relaxed and contemplative atmosphere conducive to developing a taste for new sound experiences — like those provided by experimental music and sound art

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    A Sound Art Exhibition

    SOUND was primarily conceived, following a compositional approach, as an alternative solution to the effective presentation of Sound Art in a museum setting within the context of a group exhibition where the works presented occupy a shared space. — Gustavo Matamoros, artist-curator

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    Fluxus Day

    A full day of Fluxus musical adventures, performances and activities in collaboration with Alison Knowles and Larry Miller, consisting of Fluxus On The Beach in South Beach as well as FLuxFAir and FluxEve at the Adrianne Arsht Center