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    Bow Hard at the Frog |
    Corbett vs Dempster

    Information about this album by Fred Lonberg-Holm and Gustavo Matamoros released on the Corbett vs. Dempster label as well as reviews and information about its first live performance as part of the Deep Listening Festival at LAXART in West Hollywood, CA

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    This piece was conceived for eight instruments overdubbed to separate tracks using a strategy of “instant imitation” to create what i call a “scattered unison.” It is both, a sound installation and an electroacoustic ensemble piece for performance by PUNTO

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    Red Bridge Studios
    Residency Project ( 2012 )

    Red Bridge Book—a mixed media publishing project combining photographs by Luis Olazabal in the Subtropics Archives of the concrete sculptures of Robert Thiele, and the sounds of Gustavo Matamoros and Rene Barge. In-Progress…

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    Frozen Music

    Frozen Music (FM) is an experimental sound artist collective and performing ensemble that designs and realizes immersive sound environments in response to the acoustical characteristics of a given site

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    Cardinal Points

    This collaboration with Rene Barge was exhibited in the Fern Room at Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago in 2008. It was part of the Florasonic Series organized by Experimental Sound Studio

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    Two Chambers Divided By An Opening

    On the notion that sounds have a tendency to get along, Rene Barge and Gustavo Matamoros individually explore the inherent acoustical characteristics of two specific physical locations from within the totality of the Dorsch Gallery space, creating a complex sound environment that at times is seemingly tangent, at others overlapping, and at others compound

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    Cars & Fish

    Scheduled opening night of ArtBasel 2005 and still considered today the largest one-time public art multimedia event Miami has ever experienced, Cars & Fish—a collaboration with Filmmaker Charles Recher—was the ultimate exploration of a site and the most successful collaborative project I have ever done

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    A large-scale site-specific public art sound installation in collaboration with Shahreyar Ataie, commissioned by Art-In-State-Buildings for the Paul Cejas School of Architecture building at Florida International University, designed by architect Bernard Tschumi

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    Subtropics Vol. 1: Breath

    The first album of live recordings from the Subtropics Festival’s digital archives, this collection revolves around the sounds generated by breath and features performances by Robert Dick, Earle Browne, John Gibson, Needle & Sony_Mao, Thomas Buckner and Alvin Lucier, Gustavo Matamoros and Robert Gregory, and John Cage. The album was released in 2002 and was intended as a fundraiser for Subtropics Organization ( SFCA ) a nonprofit organization.