Flow (2013) [ 4:47 excerpt ]
8-point source public art sound installation by Punto — Armando Rodriguez and Gustavo Matamoros. Stereo mix of the source audio created for the installation.


FLOW is a sound structure based on improvisations by Gustavo Matamoros and Armando Rodriguez performed on acoustic and electric guitars, kemenche, psaltery, bagpipe chanter and percussion instruments. It follows the notion of a “Scattered Unison” – a complex musical texture based a single melodic idea unknown to all but one musician in a group. Like the “instant listening” required to say exactly that someone else is about to say, without knowing what the words are going to be.

PUNTO is a conceptual and experimental music ensemble founded by composers Gustavo Matamoros and Armando Rodriguez. It was very active throughout the nineties performing at venues such as Center for the Fine Arts and Ground Level Gallery in Miami Beach. It’s most ambitious and memorable concert was staged at the Cameo Theater and featured a full evening of traditional and newly composed Fluxus event scores. After a decade of inactivity, the members of PUNTO have reunited to continue their explorations in sound and other media, and to approach performance from a different perspective that is engaging, promotes deep listening that points to discoveries and new art forms.

2013.02.13-07.28 | world premiere

Unpredictable Patterns of Behavior
curated by Ombretta Agro
Listening Gallery + Artcenter Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida

Curated by Ombretta Agro’ Andruff, Unpredictable Patterns of Behavior presents 12 artists, architects and composers that relate to patterns in very unique and distinctive ways. Whether they extrapolate natural patterns and integrate them in their art-making processes, or play with geometrical patterns, or yet create their own patterns inspired by existing man-made landscapes or by invented systems, they all offer us the opportunity to go beyond the pure aesthetic enjoyment of the artworks featured in the galleries, and reflect upon the patterns that served as their inspirations. This exhibition is a sequel to Agro’ Andruff’s 2012 New York exhibition, “(Un) Folding Patterns.” The New York show focused on the relationship between mathematics and the visual arts. This sequel explores how creative minds interpret patterns across the artistic disciplines


PUNTO: Point of Sure Return
featuring Armando Rodriguez, Julio Roloff and Gustavo Matamoros
works by Robert Ashley, G. Matamoros, A. Rodriguez, J. Roloff and James Tenney
Audiotheque, Miami Beach, Florida

This was world premiere performance version of the piece featuring Armando Rodriguez (assorted ancient instruments), Julio Roloff (double bass) and Gustavo Matamoros (electric guitar) over the installation’s 8-point source fixed media soundscape