“if i ever find what i’m looking for, i will be absorbed and never write again” — Montgomery Campbell
these are notes about my own sound-centric ways of approaching what i do. there are academic terms that aim—like in the case of the word Acousmatic—to define some of the ideas in my notes. but many of these definitions favor a visual-centric interpretation of sound and listening, which isn’t the departure point upon which I stand.

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    notes about Tags used in this website as an attempt to organize the various sound experiments and activities

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    Loose Notes

    This page is a repository for unfiltered notes saved over the past three decades, all or mostly related to sound.

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    Career Narrative

    A career narrative describing my activities as experimentalist, composer, sound artist and cultural urbanist. It includes some documentary photographs and audio samples

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    Protected: Comparing Notes
    Mills College

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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    Programs, catalogs, book references, announcements, letters, newsletters and other documentation of activities

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    i credit those around me in friendship and education for guidance about what not to do.  everything else comes from experimentation

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    On New Media

    Notes prepared for a panel discussion about New Media organized by ArtCircuits and moderated by art critic Anne Tschida that took place in Miami in October of 2011

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    FAN – Technology and Art Lunch

    Demonstrating hypersonic technology and the sound produced by shrimp while hunting, as guest speaker at a Funding Arts Network (FAN) luncheon on the subject of Art and Technology

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    Architecture is Frozen Music

    Watch a video that documents a version of Fishing For Resonance (2009) based on a technique i learned from my mentor, Russell Frehling. I use this process to find exact frequencies for my installations. I also use it as in this case, to collect acoustical information for the design of exhibitions such as, SOUND. This video is of the main second floor gallery at The Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach

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    Cars & Fish

    Scheduled opening night of ArtBasel 2005 and still considered today the largest one-time public art multimedia event Miami has ever experienced, Cars & Fish—a collaboration with Filmmaker Charles Recher—was the ultimate exploration of a site and the most successful collaborative project I have ever done