FAN – Technology and Art Lunch

During this brief presentation I talked about and demonstrated the potential of hypersonic audio, a new sound propagation technology, by narrowly projecting the sound of shrimp recorded underwater in Biscayne Bay to the audience one person at a time. As revealed in my sound installation, Coincidence (2010) which uses hypersonic audio, the sound shrimp make underwater as they hunt for food, is curiously similar to the sound they make while we fry them in the pan. What a happy coincidence to be able to disclose this finding, the result of an art experiment, during this lunch time speaking engagement hosted by the Funding Arts Network that took place at The Omni near the bay. I didn’t know it before hand, but I seem to recall there were shrimp on the menu

Biscayne Bay Shrimp (2005)
This is a hydrophonic recording of snapping shrimp in North Biscayne Bay