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a Tracing is the product of the rigorous probing of the successive range of possibilities inherent within a system, situation, object or condition, performed by controlled means with the aim of discovering and revealing its otherwise hidden sound producing nature. an example of this is the piece, Tracing the Radio Landscape, the sounds of which are obtained by slowly scanning the entire shortwave radio frequency spectrum with the turn of the radio dial. another example is Stone Guitar, which calls for the use of a smooth-faced stone ( in place of a knob ) to trace the entire length of the tight strings on an electric guitar from bridge to neck. this task is achieved by helping the stone bounce gently on the strings with a finger causing it to bounce and slowly travel up the neck. this bouncing action activates the sounds heard in the piece. Alison Knowles has a similar piece she created for cellist Charles Curtis called, “Rice and Beans, that explores the instruments full length and which i only heard about and performed for the first time during Chales’ Subtropics concert in 2015

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    String Solo

    part three of Four Audible Experiences of Movement of Sound in Space
    this is a 5:39 binaural documentation of this orchestration for 8-channels created as one of four short installations in the Audiotheque 2.0 opening sound art exhibition project on display from September 13-December 15, 2018 at Audiotheque

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    Music on a Budget

    Video version of one of the pieces from the collection, Music On A Budget