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in my personal case these are exercises in cultural urbanism that are focussed on issues pertaining to the use of sound in the context of public space. i have focused my attention mostly on the investigation and design of community based experiments in sound-gardening and soundscaping that explore functionality in orientation, signaling, landmarking, and other elements of navigational design

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    Listening Gallery

    Listening Gallery was a Knight Arts Challenge project that exposed millions of Miami Beach visitors to the experience of sound art in a public art context. It operated 24/7 beginning November 2011 and through May 2015 from the facade at 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach and was complemented by a video installation piece called Face2Face in collaboration with Charles Recher

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    Frozen Music

    Frozen Music (FM) is an experimental sound artist collective and performing ensemble that designs and realizes immersive sound environments in response to the acoustical characteristics of a given site

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    Cardinal Points

    This collaboration with Rene Barge was exhibited in the Fern Room at Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago in 2008. It was part of the Florasonic Series organized by Experimental Sound Studio

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    Contemporary Art Project

    In 2005 I was selected as the first artist-in-residence of the Contemporary Art Project at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami. This post recounts the process and results of the nine-month-long residency

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    Cars & Fish

    Scheduled opening night of ArtBasel 2005 and still considered today the largest one-time public art multimedia event Miami has ever experienced, Cars & Fish—a collaboration with Filmmaker Charles Recher—was the ultimate exploration of a site and the most successful collaborative project I have ever done

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    A large-scale site-specific public art sound installation in collaboration with Shahreyar Ataie, commissioned by Art-In-State-Buildings for the Paul Cejas School of Architecture building at Florida International University, designed by architect Bernard Tschumi