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electroacoustic refers to works that feature both acoustic and electronic sound combined. the term typically refers to music featuring live performers over a fixed media soundtrack or a computer generated part played over a sound system. I also include in this definition works that call for amplification during live performance such as in the case of Williams Tells of Rights

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    Sin Ninguna Imperfección

    This chamber piece for instruments ( from 1-8 ) and sound portrait, is performed over the fixed media soundtrack of Retrato: Ricardo Dal Farra. It can also be presented as a sound installation

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    Williams Tells of Rights

    Also known as Piece for Amplified Snare Drum, Williams Tells of Rights (WTR) is a sound song for speech activated snare drum which I composed in 1994 at the request of my dear friend, percussionist Jan Williams. It has also been presented as a sound installation