current projects and proposals

current and upcoming projects, and dream proposals for small and large-scale pieces that remain in the conceptual stages awaiting interest and resources

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    FM: Paranormal

    Paranormal is an art research project by Frozen Music that captures sonic activity inside the Richmond Cottage in full-spectrum audio and is presented as a three-channel sound installation as part of the spring exhibition “Home” at The Deering Estate in South Miami from April 17-June 13, 2021.

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    A sketch proposal for a dream project at Maurice Ferre/Museum Park that establishes an opportunity for interaction between departing cruise ships and the land in the form of a horn-to-horn farewell salutation

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    The format is that of a lighthouse tower equipped to project, not light or church bell tolls, but sobering organ drones; sound paintings over the bay’s surface that weave into the land like river water through the neighborhood’s streets only a for few minutes, every hour on the hour