Tag: audibles

like a word in language, an Audible is an event or situation and the noise equivalent of a unit of meaning. Audibles can range from severely simple to abundantly complex. they are defined by changes in frequency, loudness and harmonic content over time. these changes can come from a single source or a combination of sources that together make up a discernible sound event. a deceivingly good example of a simple Audible could be a sustained sine tone. in such an Audible we experience the tone’s frequency, its duration, and its timbral content, but that’s not all. we also hear the character imposed on the tone by the means of delivery ( amplification, transduction, etc ) or the sound signature of the acoustical source ( if produced by a carefully bowed musical saw, for example ). furthermore, we can hear the added qualities imposed on that tone by the architectural conditions surrounding the event. i leave it up to you to imagine what lies at the other end of the audibles’ spectrum. Iin my compositional process, the task is that of identifying how much of an auditory stream actually constitutes a single Audible. more on this in the definition of Noise Melodies