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    Red Bridge Studios
    Residency Project ( 2012 )

    Red Bridge Book—a mixed media publishing project combining photographs by Luis Olazabal in the Subtropics Archives of the concrete sculptures of Robert Thiele, and the sounds of Gustavo Matamoros and Rene Barge. In-Progress…

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    The Stroke That Kills
    New World Records

    The Stroke That Kills is an album of electric guitar music by various composers performed by Seth Josel released by New World Records. It contains a nice rendition of his version of my piece, Stone Guitar with Tig Welder (2005)

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    Beast is an album of electroacoustic compositions for trombone created for and performed by the Florida based virtuoso trombonist and composer David Manson. It includes my gated sound portrait titled, Re: David

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    Subtropics Vol. 1: Breath

    The first album of live recordings from the Subtropics Festival’s digital archives, this collection revolves around the sounds generated by breath and features performances by Robert Dick, Earle Browne, John Gibson, Needle & Sony_Mao, Thomas Buckner and Alvin Lucier, Gustavo Matamoros and Robert Gregory, and John Cage. The album was released in 2002 and was intended as a fundraiser for Subtropics Organization ( SFCA ) a nonprofit organization.

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    Dancing In Place
    O.O. Discs

    Dancing In Place is a CD album by harpist Elizabeth Panzer released in 1999 on O. O. Discs. It features her own solo works for harp, sometimes with electronics as well as works by composers such as Eleanor Hovda, Eve Beglarian, Kitty Brazelton, Richard Einhorn and Wendy M. Chambers. The album also includes my sound portrait for harp and gated tape titled Re: Elizabeth.

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Giant TracksOn Reflection Records

    Giant Tracks
    On Reflection Records

    The Giant Tracks Tribute CD Project was one of the most interesting exercises in community building I ever participated in. Each disc in this double album closes with a different version of my piece In Memory of Gentle Giant for percussion and fixed media performed by Jan Williams

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    BTCD 00001 — a CD mastered by Jim Beckwith at Common Touch, Tampa; and produced by Keith Hedger. It contains a performance of a live performance of In Gated Memory of Gentle Giant recorded live at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

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    Water, Garbage Everywhere

    Water, Garbage Everywhere was released by the Forum of Caribbean Composers Organization (OFCC) as part of the double CD, La Música En El Caribe II: Edición Sonora. The track is a recording of its premiere during Subtropics 7

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    Portrait: Bob Gregory

    The first Sound Portrait I ever made created from a recording of the speaking voice of Miami sound poet and dear friend, Bob Gregory. It was released on The Aerial, A Journal In Sound, released by Nonsequitur

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    Portrait: Luis Gomez-Imbert

    Con Corda is a CD of solos, duets and electroacoustic pieces by Latin American composers performed by two virtuosi, pianist Juan Francisco Sans, and double bassist Luis Gomez-Imbert. This album includes my sound portrait, Retrato: Luis Gomez-Imbert