1. ACCOMPLICES (2021) for Bob Gregory [0:42]
    by Gustavo Matamoros and Bob Gregory
    Premiered September 19, 2021 as part of Subtropics 25 at the Deering Estate Theater, this radio art piece was presented in combination with two others i composed as a tribute to the late Miami sound poet of note. (Listen in full preferably with headphones)

In the spirit of his writings, Accomplices was created as a short radio art PSA. It encapsulates in sound the character of Bob Gregory’s voice, both literally and literarily. The segment introduces musical gestures not as background but as punctuation in order to amplify the necessary message in his words.


  1. DISTANT BATS (2014) [3:00]
    by Gustavo Matamoros
    from audio recordings captured at Everglades National Park during a 2013 AIERIE artist Residency

Full spectrum recordings in Long Pine Key inside the Everglades National Park yielded this hunting birdlike sounds which result from the down sampling of audio files several octaves below the originals recorded at 192kHz. These sounds—produced by bats while navigating and hunting for prey—happen naturally at ranges over and above the threshold of the human hearing, from 20kHz up to 96kHz. As an installation these are presented in a four channel speaker configuration.


  1. RE: DAVEY (2021) for Davey Williams [6:00]
    by Gustavo Matamoros
    premiered September 18, 2021 as part of Subtropics 25 at the Deering Estate Theater, this piece is a tribute to the late improvisational electric guitarist from Birmingham, Alabama. (Listen as needed preferably with headphones)

As a way to provide him with a framework for displaying his virtuosity as improvisor and noise inventor, RE: Davey was created by combining contrasting audibles from recordings by the 70s Prog band Gentle Giant presented in rapid succession yet hidden from the ears by way of electronic gates until the sound produced by the performing guitarist reaches a threshold of intensity that triggers the gates open and all hell breaks loose. In this form of electronic composition I pioneered, the live musician gets to decide when the piece begins and when it ends. What happens in between remains a mystery to us all.