Gustavo Matamoros and David Dunn, two renowned experimental music and sound art artists, have come together to create Indivisibles, an anthology of works spanning four decades, accompanied by drawings from Ralph Provisero, as a limited edition art album.

Subtropics Editions launched the edition in September 2022, with a concert featuring four channel versions of the works alongside videos of the drawings, animated by Freddy Jouwayed. This project is part of the series, And Sometimes The Space is Full of a Previous Space, and was made possible by a 2021 Knight Arts Challenge award from the Knight Foundation with support from Deering Estate; the edition is limited to 50 copies.

In Gated Memory of Gentle Giant, #1 of 14 drawings by Ralph Provisero | Indivisibles | Subtropics Editions


  1. In Gated Memory of Gentle Giant by Gustavo Matamoros
  2. Inscape 3 by David Dunn
  3. FFFFF by Gustavo Matamoros
  4. Canon by David Dunn
  5. Coincidence by Gustavo Matamoros
  6. Cocktail Hour in Little Havana by Gustavo Matamoros
  7. Thresholds and Fragile States by David Dunn
  8. String Solo by Gustavo Matamoros
  9. Blue Moon by David Dunn
  10. Swept Away by Gustavo Matamoros
  11. Ultrasonic Walk by David Dunn
  12. Hextet by Gustavo Matamoros
  13. Variations by David Dunn
  14. Truly Yours by Gustavo Matamoros