And Sometimes The Space is Full of a Previous Space

In December 2021, I was awarded a challenge grant from the Knight Foundation for an art project called And Sometimes The Space is Full of a Previous Space — a title borrowed from a poem by my late collaborator, poet Bob Gregory. The project aimed to create four evening-long programs, building upon experiments from previous artist-designed projects like Audiotheque and the Listening Gallery.

The goal was to transform the Deering Estate Theater into a creative lab, utilizing resources and equipment from those earlier projects, during my artist residency. During the residency, I collaborated with visiting Subtropics artists Pat Oleszko, Ricardo Matamoros, and David Dunn, along with local artists José Hernández-Sánchez, Ralph Provisero, Freddy Jouwayed, and Rodrigo Arcaya. Together, we explored alternative ways to use the theater, unlocking its full potential for presenting innovative work and suggesting improvements to engage and connect with the wider community.

The series of four events at the Deering Estate Theater showcased collaborative projects as part of my year-long residency. The events included: 


An evening featuring four-channel sound works by Gustavo Matamoros and David Dunn, accompanied by visual animations from Freddy Jouwayed based on drawings by Ralph Provisero. This event celebrated the launch of the limited edition art album of the same name.

Pin Pan Pun

An evening of experimental and conceptual intermedia works, featuring live performances by Gustavo Matamoros and José Hernández-Sánchez.


A collaborative performance art and film exploration by Pat Oleszko, Ricardo Matamoros, and Gustavo Matamoros, delving into the anecdotal presence of paranormal activity at Deering Estate.

There Is More

There Is More: An evening of intermedia adaptations from the Subtropics Archive and Sound Art Collection by Gustavo Matamoros, accompanied by visual activations from Freddy Jouwayed and Rodrigo Arcaya.

And Sometimes The Space is Full of a Previous Space was possible through an Art Challenge award from the Knight Foundation