i360 XR Theater

FIU’s Igloo system is truly remarkable. It stands out as the first of its kind equipped with a ground-shaking, cutting-edge Sennheiser AMBEO sound system. Behind an acoustically-transparent screen, an initial setup of nine speakers creates an immersive, ambisonic soundscape that envelops the audience not only from the front and back but also from above.

In 2022, Program Director Bryan Cooper extended an invitation for me, Gustavo Matamoros, to join the i360 Theater as the sound artist in residence, specifically in charge of the Sennheiser AMBEO system. My role involved creating unique content for the project through collaborations with faculty and students.

During my first year of residency (2022), I worked on expanding the system to an impressive 11.1 configuration. As part of my contributions, I also presented two public events. One showcased a captivating work by David Dunn, while the other featured my own creation. Both of these works were meticulously crafted and presented in the immersive ATMOST 11 AMBEO format.

In 2023 I have been designing microcredit workshops focused on live recording and production within the ambisonic domain. I also organized two additional installations: a collaborative ambisonic installation with David Dunn titled Symbiosis, and my site-specific sound installation Cylinder which will become part of the i360 XR Theater’s permanent collection.