Small Sounds
in the Workplace

A sound installation for six independent speakers distributed throughout a dental clinic. Created for patients and other visitors as part of Art@Work/Mosquera Orthodontics, the piece was exhibited March 17-May 2, 2008

image: Gustavo Matamoros. © Subtropics Editions


Six-point source sound installation

Audio Documentation Excerpt:

Small Sounds in the Workplace, 3:00 excerpt of the documentary recording by Gustavo Matamoros. © 2008, Subtropics Editions. All rights Reserved


Miami Art Guide, quote:
“Small Sounds in the Workplace, represents a continuation of his work with sound produced by small objects. In this case, several independent speakers are distributed around the clinic’s work area, each containing iterations of small sounds, some human-made, others natural. The sounds blend into the work environment in ways similar to what happens in a relatively quiet garden.”

Link to article in Miami Art Magazine titled:
Gustavo Matamoros at Art@Work