Beast is an album of electroacoustic music for trombone
performed by David Manson

Excerpt from Re: David, a gated sound portrait of David Manson from the album Beast


Mambo Vinko (Javier Alvarez)
diesel trucks sounds + Mambo king Prez Prado + trombone. It was written for Vinko Globokar

All Clear Now
guitarist Davey Williams and David Manson playing a Tibetan horn processed realtime by SuperCollider software

Confessions of a Virtue Addict (Eric Lyon)
Wagnerian chorales + Japanese club beats + trombone

Re: David (Gustavo Matamoros)
live cut & paste technique using stereo compressors to create an interactive process called “Gating” 

Freund (David Manson)
trombone & laptop computer can produce a beautiful landscape of brass tones and chordal suspensions

David Manson, Subtropics 20, 2009

Selected Reviews

“Manson’s adroit and inspiring performance is combined with fascinating and stimulating compositions. The result is a refreshingly “out of the ordinary” audio project.” – Kevin Chiarizzio, International Trombone Association Journal, 7/07

“As for the trombone, David Manson’s work is clear proof that there’s life in that beast yet. Check it out. – Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic Magazine

“Wow!!! … I am way into your project. I listened to it all the way back in the car and again when I got back to my house. Bravo on a very cool and creative project.” – Mark Hetzler, former Empire Brass trombonist

“Manson is a multi-dimensional musician. He expands the musical framework for the trombone and produces challenging sounds in the process. His thought processes run deep, resulting in music with stimulating and logically flowing characteristics built into brawny trombone execution.” – Frank Rubolino, Cadence 

“Working in more experimental vein, and pushing the boundaries of trombone virtuosity into unexpected directions, Manson has filled this release with a variety of settings for his instrument… Suffice to say the trombone is alive and well, and conspiring with other renegade spirits to form a bestiary of intriguing and kaleidoscopic sound collages.” – Marino Guida, Tangents

“Manson, an academic who has recorded impressively with tenor saxophonist Sam Rivers, proves here that he can have fun while exhibiting his virtuosity.” – Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly