Water, Garbage Everywhere

Water, Garbage Everywhere (1995)
A work for automated piano, assorted found objects and open lid. Recording of the world premiere performance. © 1995, Gustavo Matamoros. Subtropics Editions.

About The Work

Water, Garbage Everywhere (1995) by Gustavo Matamoros
This record contains a live recording of my piece Water, Garbage Everywhere, written for found medium-size objects and automated piano with open lid. It is one of several works for piano motivated by my memory of experiences and sensations related to coming in contact with water. In this work, the performer is challenged to collect numerous found objects discarded for their lost utility. While thinking about the idea that what we throw in the ocean has a tendency to return, the performer places these objects on the piano strings on at a time as the computer-controlled piano plays 88-note-glissandi mimicking ocean waves that accelerate and decelerate progressively through the duration of the composition.

premiere performance

Composers in Performance + guest pianist Anthony de Mare
MDC Wolfson, Red Room


Water, Garbage Everywhere* (1995) by Gustavo Matamoros
G. Matamoros, real-time piano preparations

Solos and Sequences* (1995) by JB Floyd
JB Floyd, piano keys

Angel Concerto* (In-Progress) by Morton Subotnick
Morton Subotnick, Midi controllers

De Profundis*** (1992) by Frederic Rzewski
Anthony de Mare, piano/voice



La Música en el Caribe II: Edición Sonora
2 CDs with music by Caribbean composers
Produce by: Organización Foro de Compositores del Caribe, Oficina de Actividades Culturales, Instituto de Estudios del Caribe
Works by: Roque Cordero, Panamá; Juan Blanco, Cuba; Orlando García, Cuba-USA; Alejandro José, República Dominicana; Manuel Carcahe, El Salvador; German Cáceres, El Salvador; Jorge Luis Acevedo, Costa Rica; Alfredo Rugeles, Venezuela; Gustavo Matamoros, Venezuela-USA; Carlos Cabrer, Puerto Rico; Ernesto Cordero, Puerto Rico; Luis Manuel Alvarez, Puerto Rico; Carlos Alberto Vázquez, Puerto Rico
Departamento de Actividades Culturales, Universidad de Puerto Rico. Executive Director, Carlos A. Vázquez


Subtropics 7:
The New Player Piano Review
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