Improvisation (1992)
Larry Cressman, visual artist
Gustavo Matamoros, sound artist
InterMix Installations Festival
August 5-28, 1992
Centre Gallery
Miami-Dade College

Short binaural documentation excerpt of Improvisation, a mixed media installation by Larry Cressman and Gustavo Matamoros featuring sculptural drawings and 300 speakers. Audio recording © 1992, Gustavo Matamoros. Subtropics Editions

About Improvisation

This installation features 8 channels of sound distributed among 300 piezo-electric speakers positioned randomly around the space. This site-specific collaboration with visual artist, Larry Cressman from Ann Arbor, MI, also features the recorded sounds of actions such as glass scoring and graphite brushing of the physical materials used in the piece.

The speakers are sandwiched between glass in order to bias the timbre and amplitude of each speaker so that the experience of the sound moving about the space would be enhanced in ways similar to that of a swarm of bees passing by or a massive bank of small fish swimming as a large mass and away from predators.


InterMix Installations Festival Brochure